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"Frey: Breakdown Valentine is a very cool name for a band. Where did you come up with it?

Allen: If I remember correctly I was going through some Ric Ocasek lyrics… I can’t remember the exact song but the words were in there, just not put together. I liked that it could be construed different ways.

Olivia: Yes, Allen came to me with the name one day and l loved how beautiful yet tragic it sounded. "

"Breakdown Valentine is heading an earnest effort to bring electro pop to the Bay Area in a big way." - Erin Dage

"Breakdown Valentine puts on a very energetic in addition to interactive show that will make an audience dance. No matter the tempo, the bass and rhythm of their songs make the body move. Olivia Barchard’s vocals have vitality that rings through in every song she sings. Being that “Beautiful Distraction” is Breakdown Valentine’s debut EP, expect to hear more arousing music to come from this San Francisco band." - Justin Crowley, SF Examiner

"How does living in the Bay Area affect your music?

OB: Our song "There Will Be Blood" was sparked by a stunning sunset we saw while at Ocean Beach. We took a photo of it and put it up on our wall in our studio. Many of our song ideas start while driving through the city "

"If CHVRCHES, Blondie, and The Sounds had a threesome band baby, it would be San Francisco’s Breakdown Valentine.

This electropop / electro rock duo brings dark wave influences to dream pop and adds in sultry vocals."

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